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Burn Prevention Training with Kenya Scouts

Burn Awareness – Fire Safety Training with NDMU – Kenya Scouts Aug 25th


Salama Stove worked with the Natural Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) on a training on Burn Awareness and Fire Safety on Aug 25th 2016 at the Rowallan Scouts Camp, Nairobi during the Inter Patrol Scouts Competition. NDMU gave the training on Fire Safety and Burns while Salama Stove talked about how these burns and fires can be prevented through a safer cooking technology like the Salama Stove.

Over 800 Scouts attended the training throughout the day. The following topics were discussed:

Salama Stove Discussed the following:

  1. How prevention is the cure. By using a stove like the Salama Stove you will protect your family from burns, smoke, and will save you wood. Discussed the mission of the project and how Dr. Stice created this project to combat burns.
  2. Effects of using wood and charcoal burning stoves in unventilated room. How the long term effects of inhaling particulate matter causes respiratory disease including COPD. Also breathing of Carbon Monoxide (CO) can lead to fainting and falling on the stove (3 stone fire) leading to severe burns before regaining consciences. The Salama Stove has a chimney so the family is protected from these effects.
  3. During the presentation we showed the different type of burns. One photo was a burn from a three stone fire when the child tripped and fell into it and burned his hand severely. The other photo was from boiling water that splashed on the child’s leg after she knocked over a pot of boiling water from a charcoal stove.
  4. We discussed how to avoid burns at home. For example, if you smell LPG in your house and what to do next if this happens.
  5. How to contact Salama Stove if their community was interested in buying one.

Salama Stove also had a booth with other partner organizations (Kenya Power, One to One, SEMA, and Digital Opportunity Trust) this was another great opportunity for networking with like-minded organizations that are making a difference in communities across Kenya.

At the booth Salama Stove was able to showcase the stove and let the Scouts and other interested parties actually see the product and ask questions about it. Over the two-day period we had over 1,000 Scouts come to our booth.