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Kenya Scouts | Fire Safety Burn Awareness Training

Fire Safety Burn Awareness Training in Machakos

Salama Stoves realizes that burn awareness training is a significant part of the story in reducing the negative impact of open fires in the home, alongside the development of a better cooking solution to help prevent accidental burns in the home. Salama Stoves actively looks for opportunities to deliver burn awareness training, and this time teamed up with Kenya Power to do a Fire Safety Burn Awareness Training with the Kenya Scouts in Machakos for Founder’s Day on February 18th.

Salama Stove and Kenya Power trained over 400 Scouts on the practical actions they can take to mitigate any dangers that can arise from fire. Salama Stove also showcased the stove to the Scouts, teachers, guardians and talked about the benefits of the stove, such as no smoke, uses a small amount of wood and is safe.

Our engagement in these training opportunities is because we are aiming for behavior change at a young age, towards improved and safer cooking techniques. We also want to be sure we are spreading this knowledge at a very local level.