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Naming Names Gratefully

This year more than ever, Salama Stoves is moving towards sustainability by focusing on developing our stove as a commercial product. That process has involved moving to new manufacturer’s in Nairobi, and the start of a reseller program. This is all so that we can better support our donation program into the future, but also recognizing that the Salama Stove represents a healthier, safer alternative to the traditional but dangerous 3-stone fires in much of rural Kenya. Bringing the stove to market, is a social change agenda, as much as the fire safety awareness training we’ve been doing. It’s a product which can positively alter the health and safety risks in a typical rural home. In other words, more Salama Stoves in more homes equals fewer burns, fewer breathing problems, fewer children with severe burn injuries.

However, it’s a sobering fact that without the people who give money to support our programs, we would be able to do nothing!

We have a long way to go and the needs are great. We get requests every week for donated stoves, the problems and dangers of 3-stone traditional fires do not go away and our efforts are just a drop in a very large ocean.

To get this far already, so that we can make future plans, so that we can do the training, so that we can continue to donate stoves, sell stoves, to lower risks, we have a number of people to thank – here they are – we are grateful – truly grateful !!

Jay and Marion Wells
John Hannam
Michael Trezise
Kenneth Heldenfels
Heather Irwin
Noel Moody
Kelly Holt
Virginia Wiseman
Seth Bridge
Carmelo Sala
Bill Conley
Francis and Leigh Toldi
Matt Sims
Todd Kilpatrick
Steve Mills
Katharine Bennett
Jeramie Jones
Bret Smith
Stephen Goff
Michelle Murphy
Marilyn Weisberg
Scott Campbell
Brad Crowe
Joanne Wolf
David & Robin Blomquist
Chris Bernat
Eric Chez
Ajima Olaghere
Luniya Msuku
Julie and Allan wofchuck
Greg Pesce
Angela McKillop
Gregory Romer
Chris Rathbun
Scott Holmes
Gerald Wallach
Phoebe Wofchuck
Renisha Campbell
Leslie Micetich
Joseph Wofchuck
Scott Duncan
Eric Hughes
David Casuto
Nukhet Kardam
Ed Laurance
Jessica Rosenthal
Carl Lieberman
Amy Weinbaum
Heather (Hoss) Weber
Nick Lam
Marsha and Jordan Heller
Tiffany Raymond
Zoey Faught
Laura Perdikomatis
Rob and Heather Wofchuck
Dr. Coleen Stice
Todd Wofchuck
Chris Beaty
Dr. Joseph and Mary Daugherty
Sanford and Patricia Smith
Jack and Peg Hannam
Dr. Raymond Schulte
Lutheran Memorial Church
Richard and Jeanne Lininger
Lynn Kock
Cindy Alloway
Claudia Kaser
Mike and Beth Jareske
Julie Livingston
Donald Graham
David Danford
Jean Thierfelder
Patricia and Denis Newman
James Ortman
Steven and Debra Goebel
Paul Coleman
Timothy and Annette Griffen
Monte Brown
John Ferguson
Katherine Hankins
Kina Watson Deberry
Linda Ford MD
Debra and Robert Wington
Walter Lydick
Jan Minarik
Amy Lacroix
Janet Sutera
Marsha Lee Berkman
Janet Lee Berkman
Janet Senning
Carol Weckmuller
Dave Baron
Nick Steinauer
William Henshaw
William Conley
Marily Levezzo
Larry Hinrichs
Patti Smilovitz
Dorothy Polan
Carmala Aderman
Georgianna Smith
Kevin and Luanne Little
Jane and Robert Gambrel
Ralph and Gayle Bradley
Charles and Debra Tomek
Micky Keim MD
Sidney and Julie Trost
Marianne Hall
Michael and Susan Wescott
Ronald Hennig
Thomas and Sandra Haynes
Cynthia L Hadsell
Michael Schooff
Stephen Gruba
Kristine Brennan
John Bednar
Melanie Menning

If you would also like to support our work – you can read more about our work and how to donate here.