The Stove


Energy Efficiency

The Salama stove is developed to use small-diameter fuel such as twigs and small branches. The stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperatures because:

  • there is a good air draft into the fire
  • controlled use of fuel
  • near complete combustion of volatiles
  • efficient use of the resulting heat

Tailored to save energy

Rocket stoves also incorporate design elements to improve heat transfer efficiency and to direct the flow of hot gases to the pot, using insulation and narrow channels.

The Boiler

The boiler surrounds the chimney using the heat from the super heated gases as they go up the chimney. It holds 10 liters of rain water and after the first meal of the day, it will be hot and clean for use during the day. This uses the rest of the heat generated in the fire chamber and provides the family with hot, sterile water.

Other Features


The stove body is made from galvanized and stainless steel and where possible we try to provide our stove owners, in the different locations, with some kind of warranty.


The stove is raised off the ground for improved safety around children and ease of use. Plus the low surface temperature of the stove which comes from it's great insulation, significantly reduces the likelihood of burns.