The Stove

The Design

The Salama Stove

The Salama Stove is more of a design concept and methodology rather than a single product. The core design features of our stoves are always the same, but as we bring our stove to new destinations, the build and details of our actual product adapt to local preferences.

The Salama Stove 'rocket' design and chimney reduce toxic emissions and ensure that any smoke is drawn out of the house, guaranteeing a healthier family environment.

We are working on a new “stove collar” for use in urban homes where explosions from petroleum stoves and scaldings from tipped over pots burn hundreds of women and children each year.

The chimney


Smoke is vented out through the chimney, reducing toxic emissions in the household.

How this happens

As the fuel burns within the combustion chamber, convection draws in new air from below ensuring that any smoke from the stove and smoldering wood near the fire is also drawn up the chimney and out of the house.

The combustion chamber


Rocket Design

The L-shaped combustion chamber promotes better air flow, resulting in more efficient combustion of fuel inside the stove and the reduction of harmful emissions.


The combustion chamber is insulated using materials such as pumice and ceramic to ensure that the external surfaces remain safely below 70°C. This insulation also improves the efficiency of the stove.

Heat Recovery

The cooking pot is lowered into the stove and is surrounded by super-heated gases, which ensure equal heat transfer onto all sides and quicker cooking times.

The water heater


Salama Stoves are optionally fitted with water tanks mounted on the chimney pipe.

As the superheated gases pass through the stove and up the chimney, most of the remaining heat is recovered to heat the water in the water tank. This hot water can then be used for bathing or washing, making full use of the energy created by the stove.