The Stove

Our Impact

Empowering Local Communities

Built by locals for local use. We bring our Salama Stove design know-how to rural, off grid communities in developing countries. The stoves are designed to be built by local tradesmen with existing materials and methods, which means it also brings employment and skills to each location. In situations where many stoves have been donated or purchased, we also provide training. 

Health & Safety Benefits

Having open fires inside a home poses many dangers. Based on years of research and work with local and international experts, the Salama Stove is designed to safely meet the needs of families in rural, off grid areas.


REDUCE RISKS from air pollutants (smoke and fumes) which can cause respiratory diseases, eye problems and cancer.

REDUCE RISKS from the dangers of having open fires at floor level, where small hands and feet can fall or touch hot liquids.

REDUCE RISKS from the tragic combination of unattended open fires with unattended children.

Salama Stoves are changing lives. Click here to read more stories and testimonials.

"Now that I have a Salama Stove, cooking takes a lot less time and I do not have to breath in anymore bad smoke. And because the stove is raised off the ground and the sides don’t get hot, I don’t have to worry about my children getting burned.

Janet Mwikali Nzidka

Energy Efficiency

The Salama Stove is developed to use small-diameter fuel such as twigs and small branches. The stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperatures because:

  • there is a good air draft into the fire
  • controlled use of fuel
  • near complete combustion of volatiles
  • efficient use of the resulting heat