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Where We Work


Based in Nairobi, Salama Stoves formally started in Kenya. Since, we have developed synergies with local hospitals and burn awareness organizations and have taken the stove out to various talks and conferences. Over 100 Salama Stoves, most of which were donated, have been installed.

Stove delivery has temporarily halted because of a current arbitration with our Kenyan stove manufacturer, who failed to deliver most of the last order of stoves we purchased.


Our journey is just getting started in Tanzania. While working at a birthing center, Dr. Martha Goedert observed women cooking on open camp fires, leading to smoke inhalation and the risk of burns. She purchased four Salama Stoves from our Nairobi manufacturer. The midwives now have clean air and spend much less time preparing meals.

The long-term goal is to purchase more stoves and eventually set up a manufacturing plant in Tanzania.


The opportunity to expand into Haiti came from Dr. Martha Goedert and Dr. James Goedert. They have been working in Haiti for more than a decade and identified the Salama Stove as both an opportunity to improve village life and for a business to employ Haitians. Theard Elficasse, who is also a pastor, is our business partner.

Highlighting the flexibility in the Salama Stove design, the Haitian stove will be built around the shape of the pots favored by the local people while maintaining the other properties of the stove. We hope to make the stove parts in Port Au Prince and then assemble each stove on site all over the island.

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